Hospitality industries: Whether there are budget places to stay who need to monitor surveillance or luxury hotels in cities such as London, hospitality has always used surveillance to protect their guests and staff at all times. This is especially true of popular areas that people like to go to. Closed-Circuit Television Systems are used around areas such as safety deposit boxes where guests can store their valuables as well as the general reception area so that the managers can monitor who is coming in and out of the property. If you work in the hospitality industry, you have to consider the benefits that they have for you.

Retail: Retail empires are built through watching the costs that are involved with having a shop. Retailers want to ensure that they can protect their stock at all times, as well as giving a safe place for staff to go and work. Camera security makes sure that everyone and valued possessions from the company are protected at all times. The increasing technology in the security surveillance space means that retailers can use more sophisticated types of monitoring to make sure that their retailing space is safe from theft and shoplifting.

Private homes: Keeping a home secure is vital to protect against crimes such as robbery and burglary. No one wants to experience the pain and stress that those crimes could bring on victims which is why private homes are one of the biggest sources of cctv installation, to ensure property owners are safe. Keep your home safe, have a look at some of the cctv systems in our online shop. The property boom in the UK means that it can also be used on property development sites to ensure that all people who are working on the site have the right to be there as well keeping key products of the site secure.


One of the most common uses for cctv systems is in public spaces such as streets and parks where we all are whenever we are in between places. It is a commonly held view that security cameras are important because it helps to monitor where people are going, which is useful especially if someone disappears for example. This is particularly true when people are going to cash machines, and want to take out money; a camera will ensure every transaction is documented for the safety of the general public.

Why CCTV is here to stay

Surveillance is increasingly important in the busy world that we live in. The technological advances in this type of surveillance include built-in microphones to catch sound of what is being said. As the UK commits more to CCTV, it will reap dividends in how it protects society at large from crime.