CCTV for Your Business

business cctv product listing

Here are a few of the advantages that CCTV can give your company:

Enhanced surveillance: The day of watching video tapes where you can barely make out who it is are over. CCTV is sharp and focused and whether you have a shop or a showroom, you can protect what you have without missing a beat, thanks to High Definition cameras.

Covert cameras: These are some of the best types of cameras that are on the market because they simply melt into the background without even being noticed on your business premises. This is brilliant for business owners, because what ends up happening is you can track what is going on easily and if you notice anything that looks suspicious, you can fix the problem without employees or customers knowing. The innovation that lies in these covert cameras includes cameras which have inbuilt smoke detectors, and can be used as smoke detectors first then cameras second.

Multiple cameras: If your business premises are large or spread over multiple locations, you should definitely look at least 5 cameras or more, per location, in order to get maximum security coverage. It's very important to choose multiple coverage in order that, quite literally, every angle is covered.

As well as providing business cctv, we can help with installation - please contact us for a custom quote.